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Sunday Mar. 24, 2019       

Web cam user name is: k2il ----password is: k2il

Amateur Radio Station K2IL is located at Holiday Pines, Fort Pierce, Florida.

After a long absence from the hobby, I'm back doing what I loved to do since I was a kid growing up in North Bergen, New Jersey.Of course, now with all the new types of equipment, plus computers, we can really go crazy.

The rigs at this station are the Icom 746PRO, Icom 735,Icom706, AL- 80B Amp. and a IC-7000 in the mobile.

Antennas consist of a two G5RV's, 17 meter vertical,3element six meter beam, 4 element two meter beam. Photo above shows flag pole supporting a G5RV and six meter vertical dipole.

Active on all bands from 80 to 2 meters.

Having fun on the air and making this web site.


Steve Baran


A special thanks to Gene

And Otto K2BY

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